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One-Stop Service

From [School Counselling] - [Planning] - [School Application] - [Admission Guidance] - [Landing in Singapore] to [Final Admission], our professional teachers assist students from learning and living to efficiently deal with a series of affairs in each step, so that students have a worry-free whole process.

Professional Tuition

Our professional teachers address students' target school entrance requirements and entrance exams, targeting paperwork problems and developing exam-enhancing tutoring programme, and we make students' wishes come true.

Our Team

Our team has more than 10 years of experience in education and study abroad, and is familiar with all aspects of education in Singapore, from kindergarten to university.

We serve and manage nearly 100 students, providing them with the most effective solutions for planning their studies, so that students do not take a detour and learn something worthwhile!

Our team members come from renowned universities and colleges at home and abroad, and are familiar with different education systems, providing students with global schooling services based in Singapore.

Partner Schools

International Schools

Private Schools

Government Schools

Private Universities

Our Advantages

Rich Education Resources

HUA XIN Global Consultancy Education Group is one of the most resourceful consultancy organisations in Singapore! We have official partnerships with more than 40 institutions in Singapore, ranging from kindergartens to universities, from preparatory schools to private primary and secondary schools, from government schools to international schools. As long as students have plans to study in Singapore, regardless of their academic foundation, HUA XIN will be able to provide them with suitable study programmes.

Perfect Follow-up Services

Study abroad service is a systematic service, such as picking up students from the airport, arranging accommodation, etc.; allowing students to adapt to life in Singapore, helping parents to communicate with the school and a series of other assistance will be served in a timely manner. Over the past 10 years, HUA XIN has accumulated high quality aftercare resources, including responsible home-stay families, cost-effective student hostels, and excellent Singapore curriculum tutors.

Excellent Counselling Team

All of our counsellors have rich experience of living in Singapore and have been educated in Singapore. Each counsellor has a very good understanding of Singapore's social and living habits. At the same time, they are also very familiar with the education system in Singapore! The teachers' personal experience of living in Singapore and their educational background provide a strong guarantee of quality study programmes for our students. Our teachers are able to provide timely, accurate and considerate services to our students when they first arrive in Singapore!

Authoritative Official Accreditation

HUA XIN is an authoritatively accredited education consultancy organisation by the Singapore Government, which maintains a good standing with the Singapore Companies Registry (SCR) every year and is a permanent member of the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SCCCI).