Study Aboard Service

Assisting in School Application in Singapore and Malaysia

➢ Kindergarden

➢ AEIS Preparation Course

➢ Recommended Schools

➢ International Schools

➢ Government Schools

➢ Diploma/Degree/Master

HUA XIN put the needs of students and parents as our first priority, we seek to provide detailed attention and care to students in all areas. We will assist the students to settle opening bank account, phone card, public transportation card upon arrival. Our service starts at the very first moment upon the landing of student, and only finishes after the students has successfully graduated. During the period we will take care the needs of students from all aspects, no matter academic or social life. HUA XIN will take care of all application processes and attend parents meeting on behalf of the parents when parents are unavailable.

We will periodically inform parents on lasted update on students academic and daily lifeinformation. We would ensure parents can enjoy the peace of mind from our service.

Student Information Collection Form

Education Background:
Target School:

1、Do you need boarding accommodation?

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2、Do you need to apply for accompanying study?

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3、Do you need communication with the guardian?

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4、Do you need to rent accommodation?

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5、Do you already have medical insurance in Singapore?

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