Holiday Programme

Educational Trip to Singapore

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➢ Holiday STEAM Programme

➢ International School Summer Camp Programme

➢ Top University Certificate Programme

Learning by playing,eye opening experience.

The perfect mix of fun and learning

Open your eyes, grow your independence, give your child a chance to grow.

The reason why study tours can make people grow is simply to learn to face and solve the problems faced during the trip. The trip that impresses children and benefits them for life is definitely the one with constant problems and troubles.

Cultural Bilingual Summer Camp makes full use of the characteristics of Singapore's bilingual education, professional teacher guidance, real-life exercises, so that the members of the group to learn in real life. The whole activity is based on local culture, from the historical footprints, famous schools, natural ecology, national life, entertainment experience and other perspectives, to lead the members to understand the charm of the "Lion City" in an all-round way.

Learning by playing,eye opening experience.