Local Life

Advantage of living in Singapore

Multicultur alism

As a global city, people from different countries live, study and work in a great mix of cultures.


Singapore is 75 % Chinese, and Chinese students in Singapore are bilingual in Mandarin and English.

Quality Assurance

Singapore has always been renowned for its quality education and is Asia's leading education centre. To ensure the quality of education, the government has put in place a stringent regulatory system.

Worldwide Recognition

Diplomas and certificates obtained from Singapore are applicable for further studies and employment in most parts of the world and countries.

High employment rate

Singaporean university graduates have an overall employment rate of more than 90 per cent, with a median income of S$3,500/month.

Superior infrastructure

Transport, medical, educational, sports and recreational facilities are located throughout the island for easy living.

Environmental security

Singapore is recognised as one of the safest countries in the world, both in terms of social environment and food safety.

Why choose Singapore

Ultra-high IB scores globally

Of the 50 best IB schools in the world, Singapore has 7 schools on the list, all of which are ranked within the top 20, with average IB scores far exceeding the global average by more than 5 points.

High acceptance rate at Oxford and Cambridge

The top 3 overseas secondary schools with the most offers from the UK's top schools Oxford and Cambridge are all from Singapore! They are Raffles College, Overseas Chinese High School and Anglo-Chinese High School.

Friendly to Chinese students

In the past few years, the conflict between Europe and the United States and China has become more and more intense, and the phenomenon of anti-Chinese in Europe and the United States is more and more phenomena, and there are countless attacks against the Chinese, in such a situation, is it really right to choose Europe and the United States to study?

Proximity and convenience

The same time zone as China, short flight distances, and many flights make it easy for students and parents to travel between the two places, and facilitate care and visits. Mothers can apply for accompanying visas to take care of their children.